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Games I Got For Christmas

For Christmas I got the following games:

1. Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented
2. Haunting Ground
3. Shadow Hearts: From the New World

Christmas Game WishList

Christmas is in 5 days and I was wondering what Games are on your Christmas WishList?

Here's Mine:

1. Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
2. Haunting Ground
3. Koudelka
4. Shadow Hearts
5. Shadow Hearts: From the New World
6. Silent Hill

P.S. I was wondering what's the code to strike out a sentence or certain words?



Christmas Shopping

I went Christmas shopping with my bro today and we both decided to check out EB Games.

Unfortunately I didn't find any used copies of Fatal Frame III: The Tormented or Haunting Ground.

I saw Rule of Rose though but I'm waiting for it to drop down to $30. It was about $45.

I saw Scratches for the PC for $25.

I also saw a cool game called "Evidence: The Last Ritual. You play a FBI agent after a serial killer.

Me and my bro are spliting Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for our dad.

Koudelka Rating Community

I've finally opened up my Koudelka Rating Community.


Please check it out and join.



SHearts Rating - Shania

I was rated as Shania on the SHearts_Stamp Rating Community.

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Koudelka Rating Community

Hi Koudelka Fans,

I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in helping me moderate a Koudelka Rating Community? (Preferably someone with some Koudelka knowledge, because I haven't had the chance to finish the game yet.)

Would anyone be interested in joining?

I could also use a cool layout and stamps and all sort of things and anything you would like to contribute would be great.

Please let me know what you think!



Clock Tower Union

On September 1st I finally opened up My Clock Tower Union on Gamespot.


Yeah I'm so happy!

Please feel free to join and start posting.



Shadow Hearts Rating - Yuri Hyuga

I was rated as Yuri Hyuga on the Shadow Hearts Rating Community!

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Fatal Frame

I'm currently replaying "Fatal Frame" for the PS2.

Miku, Mafuyu, Blind Woman & Kirie are my favorite characters!

This is my favorite game in the series and always will be! LOL!